Schedule C


Alban Berg
Original Language:
Opera in Prologue and III Acts (Unfinished)

Text based on dramas by Franz Wedekind
Act Three completed by Friedrich Cerha

End of 19th Century
German Provincinal town; Paris, London
Role Voice Part Classification
Lulu Soprano L
Graefin Geschwitz Mezzo-Soprano L
Dr. Schoen / Jack the Ripper Baritone L
Alwa Tenor L
An Animal Trainer / Rodrigo Bass L
A Wardrobe Mistress / A Schoolboy / A Groom Contralto F
The Painter / Negro Tenor F
Schigolch / Police Commissioner Bass F
The Prince / The Marquis / The Man Servant Tenor F
Theatre Director / The Banker Bass S
The Doctor / The Professor Speaking B
Groom (Alone) Contralto S
The Negro (Alone) Tenor B
Jack the Ripper (Alone) Baritone F
Police Commissioner (Alone) Bass B
The Marquis (Alone) Tenor S
The Man Servant (Alone - 4 measures) Tenor B
The Banker (Alone) Bass S
The Theatre Director (Alone) Bass B
A 15-year-old Soubrette Soprano (high tessitura) S
Her Mother Contralto (49 + meas. Ensemble + dialogue) S
A Craft Worker Mezzo-Soprano (same as mother) S

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A Journalist High Baritone (same as above) S
A Servant Bass-Baritone (65 + meas.) S
Minimum Chorus:  No chorus