Schedule C

Madame Mao

Bright Sheng
Original Language:
Colin Graham
Opera in II Acts

In Act I the time goes backwards from the Death of Madame Mao to her time as a young actress. In Act II, the time goes forward from her first encounter with Mao to her death.

During the period of the Cultural Revolution of China
Role Voice Part Classification
Jiang Ching I (Mme. Mao) Mezzo-Soprano L
Jiang China II (Mme. Mao in her 20s) - also plays Nora (Act I) and Mu Guiying (in Chinese Opera Scenes) High Soprano L
Mao Zedong Baritone L
Zhizhen - also sings Actress (Act I) and Yang Piafeng (in Chinese Opera Scenes) Soprano F
The Actor - also plays Helmer (Act I) and Victim #3 and Emperor Gao (in Chinese Opera Scenes) Tenor F
The Accusers - also sing The Committee and The Victims (an actress plays Victim 3) and Another Man Soprano S
Soprano S
Tenor S
Tenor S
Baritone S
Baritone S
Bass S
Bass S
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB