Schedule C

Maître Péronilla

Jacques Offenbach
Original Language:
Jacques Offenbach, Charles-Louis-Étienne Nuitter and Paul Ferrier
Opera in 3 Acts

Choudens, Paris. 1878 piano/vocal score #A.C. 3862

19th Century
Madrid, Spain
Role Voice Part Classification
Alvarès Soprano L
Frimouskino Mezzo Soprano L
Léona Mezzo Soprano L
Péronilla Tenor L
Guardona Tenor L
Ripardos Baritone L
Manoëla Soprano F
Le Marquis Baritone F
Velasquez major Tenor S
Velasquez junior Tenor S
Le Notaire Tenor S
Majordomo Baritone S
Don Fabrice Baritone S
Rosita Soprano B
Paquita Soprano B
Marietta Mezzo Soprano B
Pedrillo Tenor B
Judge #1 Tenor B
Judge #2 Tenor B
Antonio Tenor B
Felipe Tenor B
Corrégidor Bass B
Brid-Oison Bass B
Don Henrique Spoken B
Juanito Tenor CB
Servant Spoken CB
L’Huissier Spoken CB
Valet Spoken CB
Please be advised: Contact AGMA for classification if you are combining roles, and/or for classification of unassigned lines, and/or for classification of any combination of Chorus and Solo bits from what has been performed previously.
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB