Schedule C

Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Die

Richard Wagner
Original Language:
Richard Wagner
Opera in Three Acts
Middle of the 16th Century
Role Voice Part Classification
Hans Sachs Baritone or Bass L
Walther von Stolzing Tenor L
Eva Soprano L
Sixtus Beckmesser Baritone or Bass L
David Tenor L
Magdalena Mezzo-Soprano L
Veit Pogner Bass F
Fritz Kothner Bass F
Kunz Vogelgesang Tenor S
Balthasar Zorn Tenor S
Augustin Moser Tenor S
Ulrich Eisslinger Tenor S
Konrad Nachtigall Bass S
Herman Ortel Bass S
Hans Schwarz Bass S
Hans Foltz Bass S
A Night Watchman Bass S
1st , 2nd & 3rd Apprentices (Lehrbub) - Act I (Niklaus Vogel's Apprentice) Alto, First Tenor, Second Tenor (Score says 4 on each part) CB
Boy (or Alto) Solo lines (p. 88 of vocal score) Alto CB
1st Neighbor, 2nd Neighbor (Act II) First 1st Soprano, Second 1rst Soprano (p.324 of vocal score) CB

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Minimum Chorus:  68
Divisi:  SATB