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Merchant and the Pauper, The

Paul Schoenfield
Original Language:
English and Yiddish
Margaret B. Stearns
Opera in Two Acts

based on a story told in 1809 by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

Ancient times
Exotic Middle East
Role Voice Part Classification
Narrator/Rabbi Bass/Actor L
The Merchant Baritone L
The Pauper Tenor L
The Pauper's Wife Mezzo-Soprano F
The Wicked General/The Pirate Countertenor F
The Merchant's Son Baritone F
Beauty, The Pauper's Daughter Soprano F
Three Noblemen Tenor B
Baritone B
Bass B
Three Handmaidens Soprano B
Soprano B
Mezzo B
Three Suitors Bass-Baritone B
Baritone B
Tenor B
4th Voice as Noble (Act II) Tenor CB
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB