Schedule C

Merry Widow, The (Sams version)

Franz Lehár
Original Language:
Viktor Léon and Leo Stein
Enter any
Opera in Three Acts


English version by Jeremy Sams
created for the Metropolitan Opera, with a
first performance on December 31, 2014

early 20th Century
Role Voice Part Classification
Hanna Glawari Soprano L
Valencienne Soprano L
Count Danilo Danilovitch Tenor L
Baron Mirko Zeta Baritone L
Camille de Rosillon Tenor F
Raoul de St. Brioche Tenor F
Vicomte Cascada Baritone F
Kromow Baritone F
Bogdanovitch Baritone F
Pritschitsch Baritone F
Sylviane Soprano S
Olga Mezzo-Soprano S
Praskowia Mezzo-Soprano S
Lolo * S
Dodo * S
Jou-Jou * S
Frou-Frou * S
Clo-Clo * S
Margot * S
Njegus Spoken S
Maître d’ Spoken B
A woman Mezzo-Soprano CB

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Four Gentlemen Spoken (4) CB
* The Grisettes at Maxim’s are singing dancers, each of whom speaks a few short lines of dialogue. Each could also be a soprano or a mezzo-soprano.
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB