Schedule C

Merry Wives of Windsor, The (Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor)

Otto Nicolai
Original Language:
Saloman Hermann Mosenthal
Opera in 3 Acts

C.F. Peters, Leipzig, Germany
piano/vocal score, #7774

17th Century
Windsor, England
Role Voice Part Classification
Frau Fluth (Mistress Ford) Soprano L
Herr Fluth (Ford) Baritone L
Sir John Falstaff Bass L
Anna Reich (Anne Page) Soprano F
Frau Reich (Mistress Page) Mezzo Soprano F
Fenton Tenor F
Junker Spärlich (Slender) Tenor S
Herr Reich (Page) Bass S
Dr. Caius Bass S
First Citizen Tenor B
Der Kellner (Innkeeper) Spoken B
Second Citizen Spoken CB
Third Citizen Spoken CB
Fourth Citizen Spoken CB
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Minimum Chorus:  18
Divisi:  SATB