Schedule C

Miss Haversham's Fire

Dominick Argento
Original Language:
John Olon-Scrymgeour (after Dickens)
Opera in Two Acts

Story based on Dicken’s Great Expectations

1810, 1859-60
Satis House
Role Voice Part Classification
Aurelia Havisham Soprano L
Estella Drummle Mezzo-Soprano F
Estella Drummle (as a young girl in 1846-48) Treble S
Phillip Pirrip (Pip) Baritone F
Phillip Pirrip (Pip) (as a poor boy in 1846-48) Treble S
Grace-Helen Broome (Nanny) Soprano B
Grace-Helen Broome (as a young woman in 1810) Soprano B
Bentley Drummle Tenor S
Jaggers Bass S
The Coroner Bass-Baritone S
Sarah Pocket Alto B
Camilla Pocket Soprano B
Georgiana Pocket Mezzo-Soprano B
Raymond Pocket Tenor B
First Woman Guest Soprano CB
Second Woman Guest Soprano CB
Third Woman Guest Mezzo-Soprano CB
First Man Guest (Raymond Pocket) Tenor B
Second Man Guest Baritone CB
Third Man Guest Bass CB
First Maid Soprano B
Pumblechook (Uncle to Pip) Speaking CB
A Chambermaid Silent Mute
Orlick (Caretaker at Satis House) Bass CB

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Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB