Schedule C

Miss Julie

Ned Rorem
Original Language:
Kenward Elmslie
Opera in Two Acts

Based on the 1888 play by August Strindberg.
Boosey & Hawkes, London. Piano/vocal score BK-569 (revised version)

19th Century
A country estate in Sweden
Role Voice Part Classification
Miss Julie Soprano L
John Bass-Baritone L
Christine Mezzo Soprano F
The Girl Soprano S
Wildcat Boy Soprano or Treble S
Niels Tenor S
The Boy Tenor S
Stableboy Bass B
Chorus Solo Tenor B
Chorus Solo Baritone B
Chorus Solo Bass B
Chorus Solo Soprano CB
Chorus Solo Soprano CB
Chorus Solo Alto CB
Please be advised: Contact AGMA for classification if you are combining roles, and/or for classification of unassigned lines, and/or for classification of any combination of Chorus and Solo bits from what has been performed previously.
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

A note in the score states that the Chorus can be eliminated from Act II and sing only in Act I. To do so, the note gives instruction for the cut to be made in Act II.