Schedule C

Moses und Aron

Arnold Schoenberg
Original Language:
Arnold Schoenberg
Opera in III Acts
the time of the Israelites' bondage
Role Voice Part Classification
Moses Bass Speaking Role L
Aron, his brother Tenor L
A Priest Bass F
Young Girl/Sop I of 4 Naked Virgins - Act II Soprano S
Young Man (Youth) (Act I & Act II) Tenor S
A Man Baritone S
Six Solo Voices Soprano, Mezzo, Alto Tenor, Baritone, Bass S
Ephraimite Baritone B
Another Man Baritone B
Invalid Woman Contralto B
2nd, 3rd, 4th Naked Virgins (1st Naked Virgin - see Young Girl) 1 Soprano & 2 Altos B
Three Elders Basses CB
A Naked Youth Tenor CB
Solo Soprano Soprano CB
Solo Tenor Tenor CB
A Man (spoken dialogue - Act II, 1 line) Speaking CB
Two Soldiers (Act III, 1 line) Speaking CB
Minimum Chorus:  60
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

Chorus (fully constituted) with multi-divisi.
Voice from the Burning Bush: 3-6 on a Part (Boys, + SATB) 3-6 on a part also applies to Boys.
Beggars: 6-8 A.B
Several Elderly men: 3 part divisi Tenor – at least nine (9)
Seventy Elders: 25 Basses + Supers
12 Tribal Leaders: t.t.b.b. all divisi at 4-3 on each voice = total 12.