Schedule C

Mother of Us All, The

Virgil Thomson
Original Language:
Gertrude Stein
Opera in II Acts

Theme of opera is the struggle of women’s rights in America centered around the figure of Susan B. Anthony who wrote a four volume “History of Women’s Suffrage” and around the 1870’s led women’s marches and was often arrested.

1870's and later
in and around Susan B. Anthony's house, and the Halls of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Role Voice Part Classification
Susan B. Anthony Soprano L
Daniel Webster Bass L
Jo, the Loiterer Tenor L
Constance Fletcher Mezzo-Soprano L
John Adams Tenor F
Anne Contralto F
Gertrude Stein Soprano F
Virgil Thomson Baritone F
Indiana Elliot Contralto F
Angel Moore Soprano F
Gloster Hemming Baritone F
Lillian Russell Soprano F
Chris, the Citizen Baritone S
Thaddeus Stevens Tenor S
Anna Hope Contralto S
Jenny Reefer Mezzo-Soprano S
Ulysses S. Grant Bass-Baritone S
Andrew Johnson Tenor S
Anthony Comstock Bass S
Donald Gallup Baritone S
Herman Atlan Baritone S
Isabel Wentworth Mezzo-Soprano S
Indiana Elliot's brother Bass-Baritone S
Henrietta M. Soprano B

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Henry B. Bass-Baritone B
Negro Woman Speaking Part B
Negro Man Speaking Part B
A.A. & T.T. Postillions (Pages-Men's Chorus) 4 Basses CB each
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB