Schedule C

Nose, The [COT-Zambello casting version]

Dmitry Shostakovich
Original Language:
Dmitry Shostakovich, Yevgeny Zamyatin, Georgy Ionin, and Alezander Preys
Opera in Three Acts

Based on an 1836 short story by Nikolai Gogol.
Russian State Music Publishers, Moscow, Russia. Critical edition full score dated 1981. Francesca Zambello/Chicago Opera Theater version of casting combinations.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Role Voice Part Classification
Kovalyev Baritone L
The Nose Tenor F
Police District Inspector Tenor F
Ivan Yaskolevich Bass F
Clerk from the Newspaper Office / Doctor / Con-Man / Khozrev-Mirza Bass F
Ivan (lackey) / Assistant Chief of Police Tenor S
Podtochino’s Daughter Soprano S
Elderly Lady / Podtochina / Old Countess Mezzo Soprano S
Tenor Solo / Yaryzhkin / 2nd Policeman / 1st New Arrival / 1st Student Tenor S
5th Policeman / 1st Man / 2nd Student / Eunuch Tenor S
7th Policeman / 2nd Man / 5th Student / 2nd Acquaintance Tenor S
8th Policeman / 3rd Man / 6th Student Tenor S
9th Policeman / Little Old Man / 1st Dandy Tenor S
Janitor 3 / 1st Policeman / 2nd Dandy / 1st Acquaintance Bass-Baritone S
Janitor 4 / 3rd Policeman / 3rd Student / 3rd Acquaintance Bass-Baritone S
Sentry / Janitor 1 / 2nd Son / 4th Man / 4th Student Bass S
Janitor 6 / 4th Policeman / 6th Man / Anonymous Voice Bass S
Footman / Janitor 7 / 6th Policeman / 1st Son of Respectable Lady Bass S
Janitor 8 / 10th Policeman / 2nd Son of Respectable Lady Bass S
Praskovya Osipovna / Mother / Respectable Lady Soprano B
Soprano Solo / Vendor Soprano B
Flirtatious Lady / Attendant 1 / Traveler 1 / Female Voice Soprano B
Attendant 2 / Traveler 2 Soprano B
Attendant 3 / Traveler 3 Soprano B
Attendant 4 / Traveler 4 Mezzo Soprano B
Attendant 5 / Traveler 5 Mezzo Soprano B
Attendant 6 / Traveler 6 Mezzo Soprano B
Flirtatious Man / 1st Son / Honorable Colonel Tenor B
Pyotr Fyodorovich / 7th Man / 7th Student Tenor B
Countess’ Lackey / Ivan Ivanovich / 8th Student Baritone B
Cab Driver / Janitor 2 / Traveler / Coachman / 2nd New Arrival Bass-Baritone B
Janitor 5 / Father / 5th Man / Man’s Voice Bass B
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Minimum Chorus:  The Ensemble is the Chorus