Schedule C

Nusch-nuschi, Das

Paul Hindemith
Original Language:
Franz Blei
Opera in One Act

subtitled “A Play for Burmese Marionettes”

the Court of the Emperor
Role Voice Part Classification
Tum tum Tenor L
Bajadere 1 Soprano F
Bajadere 2 Mezzo-Soprano F
Susulü Countertenor or High Tenor F
Maid 3 Soprano S
Poet 1 Tenor S
Fieldgeneral Kyce Waing Bass S
Master of Ceremonies Bass S
Crown-Prince Ragweng Speaker B
Bangsa Soprano B
Osasa Soprano B
Ratasata Soprano B
Maid 1 Soprano B
Maid 2 Mezzo-Soprano B
Twaïse Contralto B
Kamadewa Tenor B
Herald 2 Tenor B
Ape 1 Tenor B
Ape 2 Tenor B
Emperor Mung Tha Bya Bass B
The Hangman Bass B
A Beggar Bass B
Herald 1 Bass B
Poet 2 Bass B

'Nusch-nuschi, Das' (Paul Hindemith) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Nusch-nuschi, Das' (Paul Hindemith) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

The Handsome Zatwai Silent B
The score states that the following combinations of roles are possible. If combined, the classifications become:
Ratasasa and Maid 3 F
Kamadewa and Poet 1 F
Kyce Waing and the Master of Ceremonies F
Bangsa and Maid 1 S
Twaïse and Maid 2 S
Beggar and Herald 1 S
Minimum Chorus:  8
Divisi:  TB