Schedule C

Orpheus in the Underworld (Orphée Aux Enfers)

Jacques Offenbach
Original Language:
Hector-Jonathan Cremieux and Ludovic Halévy
Opera in Two Acts
Mythological Times
Thebes, Mount Olympus, the Underworld
Role Voice Part Classification
Aristeus Pluto (Aristee-Pluton) Tenor L
Jupiter (Zeus) King of Gods Baritone L
Eurydice Soprano L
*Public Opinion Mezzo-Soprano F
Orpheus (Orphée), a Violinist Tenor F
Cupid (Cupidon), Son of Venus (God of Love) Soprano F
John Styx, a fool Baritone S
Mercury (Mercure), Messenger of the Gods Tenor S
Mars, God of war Bass S
Bacchus, God of Wine-revelry Speaking S
Diana (Diane) Goddess of the Moon, Hunting & Virginity Soprano S
Venus, Goddess of Love Contralto S
Juno (Junon), Queen of Gods Mezzo-Soprano S
Morpheus (Morphée), God of Dreams Tenor B
Minos, Judge of the Netherworld Tenor B
Eaque, Gentleman of the Netherworld Tenor B
Rhadamante, Judge of the Netherworld Bass B
Flore, Goddess of Flowers Alto B
Minerva (Minerve), Goddess of Wisdom Soprano B
Pomone, Goddess of Fruits Soprano B
Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture Alto B
Cybel (Cybele), Goddess of Nature Soprano B
Neptune, God of the Sea CB
Saturn (Saturne), God of Agriculture CB
Vulcan (Vulcain), God of Fire CB

'Orpheus in the Underworld (Orphée Aux Enfers)' (Jacques Offenbach) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Orpheus in the Underworld (Orphée Aux Enfers)' (Jacques Offenbach) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Pan, God of Fields & Forests CB
Hercules (Hercule), Son of Zeus (Jupiter) CB
Apollo (Apollon), God of Music, Poetry, Medicine (Sun God) CB
Eole CB
Cerbere (Cerberus), Three-headed guarding dog of Hades CB
A Lictor (un Licteur – 7 meas.) CB
4 Secret Policemen B
Hebe, Goddess of Youth CB
Thalia (Thalie) Muse of comedy & Pastoral Poetry CB
Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth CB
Polynnie (Polymnia) CB
Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow CB
Euterpe, Muse of Music & Lyre Poetry CB
Clio, Muse of History CB
Fortune (La Fortune), Goddess of Fortune CB
Pandora (Pandore), First Mortal Woman CB
Erato, Muse of Lyric & Love Poetry CB
Minimum Chorus:  28
Divisi:  SATB