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Theodore Morrison
Original Language:
John Cox and Theodore Morrison
Opera in Two Acts

Based on quotations from the writings of Oscar Wilde and his contemporaries

The region of immortality; Britain
Role Voice Part Classification
Oscar Wilde Countertenor L
Ada Leverson Soprano F
Frank Harris Tenor F
Walt Whitman Baritone F
Lord Alfred Douglas (“Bosie”). Also appears as a Waiter, the Doctor, and Death Dancer F
Detective-Inspector Littlechild Tenor S
First Prison Warder Tenor S
Thomas Martin Baritone S
Colonel Henry B. Isaacson Bass-Baritone S
Detective-Inspector Kearley Bass S
Second Prison Warder Bass S
Bailiff Tenor B
Chaplain Tenor B
Hotel Managers Baritone B
Mr. Justice Sir Alfred Wills Bass-Baritone B
Prisoner #1 in Act 2, scene 3 Tenor B
Prisoner #2 in Act 2, scene 3 Baritone B
Leggatt, a butler Bass CB
Jury Foreman Bass CB
A hateful voice from the crowd of trial spectators Baritone CB
Solo Prisoners: (listed by Act and scene)
Act 2, scene 1:

'Oscar' (Theodore Morrison) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Oscar' (Theodore Morrison) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Prisoner #1 Tenor CB**
Prisoner #2 Bass CB**
Prisoner #3 Tenor CB**
Prisoner #4 Bass CB**
Prisoner #5 Tenor CB**
Act 2, scene 2:
Prisoner #1 Baritone CB
Prisoner #2 Tenor CB
Prisoner #3 Bass CB
Prisoner #4 Tenor CB
*On the Cast of Characters page of the score, the following roles are listed in combination. When one singer performs both roles, the combined classification becomes:
Colonel Henry B. Isaacson/ Mr. Justice Sir Alfred Wills Bass-Baritone F
Detective-Inspector Littlechild/ First Prison Warder Tenor F
Detective-Inspector Kearley/ Second Prison Warder Bass F
*It is possible for the baritone performing the Managers in Act 1 to also sing the role of Thomas Martin in Act 2. Should one Artist sing both, then the formula for the Combining of Roles found on the Schedule C Overview website page will apply.
**If the Soli/Tutti instructions on pages 152-155 are used, then the two tenors and two basses singing as the Soli are upgraded to Solo Bit roles. The other tenor remains a Chorus Bit.
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB