Schedule C

Pasado Nunca Se Termina, El

José Martínez
Original Language:
Spanish and English
Leonard Foglia
Mariachi Opera
20th Century; the Present
Morelos, Mexico; Chicago, Illinois
Role Voice Part Classification
Amorita Soprano L
Luis Tenor L
Enrique Baritone L
Acalan/Young Man* Baritone L
Daniel Treble F
Juana Mezzo-Soprano F
Isabel/Dolores* Mezzo-Soprano F
Xihuitl/Mariachi* Tenor F
Augustino Baritone F
Miguel/Hotel Manager* Spoken S
* Combined roles are specified in the score.
This score includes vocal parts to be sung by members of the Mariachi Band. Please contact AGMA for a classification of these roles based on your production plans.
Minimum Chorus:  No chorus