Schedule C

Passion of Jonathan Wade, The

Carlisle Floyd
Original Language:
Carlisle Floyd
Opera in III Acts

Revised Version Commissioned by Houston Grand Opera Association and Greater Miami Opera Association

Civil War Era
Charleston, SC
Role Voice Part Classification
Jonathan Wade Baritone L
Celia Townsend Soprano L
Judge Gibbes Townsend Bass-Baritone L
Enoch Pratt Tenor F
Lucas Wardlaw Tenor F
Nicey Mezzo-Soprano S
Lieutenant Patrick Tenor S
Wounded Confederate Soldier Baritone S
T. Tertius Riddle Bass S
Judge James Bell Bass-Baritone S
Carpetbagger 1 Tenor B
Carpetbagger 2 Baritone B
Young Girl Soprano B
Sergeant Branch Baritone CB
Man on Barrel Tenor CB
Soldier 1 Tenor CB
Soldier 2 Baritone CB
Rector Bass CB
Black Senator 1 Tenor CB
Black Senator 2 Baritone CB
5 Friends of Lucas 2 Tenors/3 Baritones CB

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Black Driver Bass-Baritone CB
Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB