Schedule C

Paul Bunyan

Benjamin Britten
Original Language:
W.H. Auden (Poet)
Operetta in II Acts and a Prologue

Britten and Auden describe their work as a Choral Operetta, “…with many small parts rather than a few star roles.”

Abstract - Mythical (poetical) history
The New World (America)
Role Voice Part Classification
Paul Bunyan Speaking L
Tiny Soprano L
Johnny Inkslinger Tenor L
Hot Biscuit Slim Tenor L
Narrator/Ballad Singer Bass or Tenor F
Hel Helson Baritone F
John Shears Baritone S
Western Union Boy Tenor S
Sam Sharkey Tenor S
Ben Benney Bass S
Fido Soprano S
Moppet Mezzo-Soprano S
Poppet Mezzo-Soprano S
Jen Jenson Bass B
Andy Anderson Tenor B
Pete Peterson Tenor B
Cross Crosshaulson Bass B
First Wild Goose Mezzo-Soprano B
Second Wild Goose Mezzo-Soprano B
Third Wild Goose Soprano B
Quartet of the Defeated Contralto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass B
Possible Combined Roles
Fido/Third Wild Goose Soprano F

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Moppet/First Wild Goose Mezzo-Soprano F
Poppet/Second Wild Goose Mezzo-Soprano F
Chorus Roles
Four Young Trees Soprano, Soprano, Tenor, Tenor CB
Heron Speaking CB
Moon Speaking CB
Wind Speaking CB
Beetle Speaking CB
Squirrel Speaking CB
Solo 1/Swedish Lumberjack Bass CB
Solo 2/French Lumberjack Bass CB
Solo 3/German Lumberjack Tenor CB
First Crony Baritone CB
Second Crony Baritone CB
Third Crony Baritone CB
Fourth Crony Baritone CB
Tenor 1 Tenor CB
Tenor 2 Tenor CB
Baritone Baritone CB
Minimum Chorus:  24
Divisi:  SATB