Schedule C

Peter Grimes

Benjamin Britten
Original Language:
Montagu Slater
Opera in Prologue and III Acts

Text based on a poem by George Crabbe

Towards 1830
The Borough, a fishing village, East coast of England
Role Voice Part Classification
Peter Grimes Tenor L
Ellen Orford Soprano L
Captain Balstrode Baritone L
Auntie Contralto F
Swallow Bass F
1st & 2nd Nieces Sopranos S
Bob Boles Tenor S
Mrs. (Nabob) Sedley Mezzo-Soprano S
Rev. Horace Adams Tenor S
Ned Keene Baritone S
Hobson Bass S
John (Boy-Mute) Silent S
Dr. Crabbe (Dr. Thorp) Silent B
Fisherman 1 Baritone CB
Fisherman 2 Bass CB
Fisherwoman Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano CB
A Soprano Solo (Off-Stage) Soprano CB
Tenor Solo (Lawyer) Tenor CB
6 Burgesses 3 Basses, 2 Tenors, 1 Baritone CB

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Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB