Schedule C

Pilgrim’s Progress, The

Ralph Vaughan Williams
Original Language:
Ralph Vaughan Williams, Ursula Vaughan Williams, and the Bible
Opera in Four Acts, a Prologue and Epilogue

after the 1678 allegory by John Bunyan

in the Christian Era
various places in “this world” on the journey to the “Celestial City”
Role Voice Part Classification
Pilgrim Baritone L
Lord Lechery Tenor F
Evangelist Bass F
Woodcutter’s Boy Treble S
Madam Wanton Soprano S
Madam Bubble Mezzo-Soprano S
Madam By-Ends Contralto S
Interpreter Tenor S
Mister By-Ends Tenor S
Watchful, the Porter Baritone S
The Herald Baritone S
John Bunyan Bass-Baritone S
Lord Hate-Good Bass S
Three Shining Ones
1 Soprano S
2 Mezzo-Soprano S
3 Contralto S
Three Shepherds
1 Baritone S
2 Tenor S
3 Bass S
Malice Soprano B
Voice of a Bird Soprano B
Pickthank Contralto B

'Pilgrim’s Progress, The' (Ralph Vaughan Williams) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Pilgrim’s Progress, The' (Ralph Vaughan Williams) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Usher Tenor B
Superstition Tenor B
Celestial Messenger Tenor B
Worldly Glory Baritone B
Apollyon Bass B
Envy Bass B
Two Heavenly Beings
Branch Bearer Soprano B
Cup Bearer Contralto B
The Four Neighbors
Pliable Tenor B
Timorous Tenor B
Mistrust Baritone B
Obstinate Bass B
Soprano Solo Soprano CB
Alto Solo Mezzo-Soprano CB
Tenor Solo Tenor CB
Pontius Pilate Tenor CB
Demas Baritone CB
Judas Iscariot Baritone CB
Simon Magus Bass CB
Scribe Silent
Jester Silent
Angel Silent
On-stage Trumpeter Instrumentalist
Not classified are the On-stage Trumpeter (an instrumentalist who plays trumpet fanfares and who has some staging instructions given in the score) and the three mute supernumeraries (who are mentioned in the score but are assigned no specific staging directions).
Minimum Chorus:  60
Divisi:  SATB