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Rose of Persia, The; or The Story-Teller and the Slave

Arthur Sullivan
Original Language:
Basil Hood
Opera in 2 Acts

Chappell and Company, Ltd., London. Piano/vocal score, #20872

An unspecified, earlier time
Role Voice Part Classification
Sultana Zubeydeh, named Rose-in-Bloom Soprano L
Scent-of-Lilies Soprano L
Heart’s Desire Mezzo Soprano L
Dancing Sunbeam Contralto L
Yussuf the Story-teller Tenor L
Hassan Baritone L
Sultan Mahmoud of Persia Baritone L
Abdallah Bass-Baritone L
Blush-of-Morning Soprano F
Honey-of-Life Soprano F
Physician-in-Chief Tenor S
Grand Vizier Baritone S
Royal Executioner Baritone S
Soldier of the Guard Bass B
Oasis-in-the-Desert Spoken CB
Moon-Upon-the-Waters Spoken CB
Song-of-Nightingales Spoken CB
Whisper-of-the-West-Wind Spoken CB
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Minimum Chorus:  32
Divisi:  SATB