Schedule C

Schatzgräber, Der

Franz Schreker
Original Language:
Franz Schreker
Opera in Four Acts, with a Prologue and an Epilogue
the Middle Ages
Role Voice Part Classification
Els Soprano L
The Fool Tenor L
Elis Tenor L
The King Baritone F
The Governor Baritone F
Albi Tenor S
The Count; the Herald Baritone S*
The Innkeeper Bass S
The Chancellor Tenor B
The Scribe Tenor B
The Young Nobleman Baritone B
The Schoolmaster Bass B
The Mayor Bass B
Old Maid #1 Mezzo-Soprano B
Old Maid #2 Mezzo-Soprano B
A Woman Contralto B
Citizen #1 Tenor B
Citizen #2 Baritone B
Citizen #3 Bass B
Mezzo-Soprano Mezzo-Soprano CB
Contralto #1 Contralto CB
Contralto #2 Contralto CB
Two Baritones Baritone (2) CB
A Soldier Bass CB
The Queen Silent

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'Schatzgräber, Der' (Franz Schreker) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

* These are combined as specified in the score. Should the roles be sung by two different baritones, each would be classified as a Solo Bit.
Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB