Schedule C

Show Boat (DeMain/Zambello performing edition)

Jerome Kern
Original Language:
Oscar Hammerstein II
Musical in Two Acts

Adapted from the novel “Show Boat”  by Edna Ferber.

This is the performing edition by John DeMain and Francesca Zambello for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

1880 - 1927
Natchez, MS and Chicago, IL
Role Voice Part Classification
Cap’n Andy Hawks L
Magnolia Hawks L
Gaylord Ravenal L
Julie LaVerne F
Queenie F
Joe F
Parthy Ann Hawks F
Ellie May Chipley F
Frank Schultz F
Steve Baker S
Pete S
Sheriff Vallon S
Max S
Young Kim S
Jake S
Landlady B
Doorman B
Lottie B
Emcee B
Lady on the Levee B
Adult Kim Silent
Solo Soprano Sung CB
Solo Bass Sung CB
Two Sopranos Sung CB
Two Altos Sung CB
Natchez Child Spoken CB

'Show Boat (DeMain/Zambello performing edition)' (Jerome Kern) Schedule C Listing Continued on Next Page...

'Show Boat (DeMain/Zambello performing edition)' (Jerome Kern) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

Dealer Spoken CB
1st Girl Spoken CB
2nd Girl Spoken CB
Backwoodsman Spoken CB
Mother Superior Spoken CB
1st Drunk Spoken CB
2nd Drunk Spoken CB
Woman Spoken CB
Young Man Spoken CB
Minimum Chorus:  44
Divisi:  SATB