Schedule C

Sophie's Choice

Nicholas Maw
Original Language:
Nicholas Maw (based on the novel by William Styron)
Opera in IV Acts

Commissioned by BBC Radio 3 in association with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

1938, 1943, 1946, 1947
Poland. Brooklyn, NY. Forest Hills, NY. Washington
Role Voice Part Classification
Sophie (Sofia) Zawitowska Mezzo-Soprano L
Nathan Landau High Baritone L
Narrator Bass-Baritone F
Stingo Tenor F
Wanda Soprano F
Rudolph Franz Höss Dramatic Tenor F
Yetta Zimmerman Contralto S
Doctor Baritone S
Larry Landau Baritone S
Librarian Baritone B
Bartender Baritone B
Librarian/Bartender (Performed by the same artist) Baritone S
Jan (10 years old) Non-singing role (Silent) B
Eva (8 years old) Treble B
Old Women in Train Contralto CB
Young Man in Train Tenor CB
Solo Bass Bass CB
Solo Tenor Tenor CB
Solo Alto Alto CB
Solo Soprano Soprano CB
Camp Doctor's Aide Non-singing (Silent)

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Camp Guards Non-singing (Silent)
Minimum Chorus:  16
Divisi:  SATB