Schedule C

Tale for a Deaf Ear

Mark Bucci
Original Language:
English, Italian, and German
Mark Bucci
Opera in One Act

Text based on the story by Elizabeth Enright from her collection, The moments before the rain.

20th Century: a winter Sunday afternoon.
In the main, the living-room of Tracy & Laura Gates.
Role Voice Part Classification
Laura Gates Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano L
Tracy Gates Baritone L
Florentine Noblewoman Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano F
Scottish Farm Girl Soprano F
German Soldier Tenor F
The Doctor Speaking S
Karl (German Soldier’s young brother, dead, is then re-born. Mute Bit, if performed by an Actor)
Minimum Chorus:  8 (If performed by chorus. See chorus notes.)
Chorus Notes:  

Composer’s Note: chorus remains unseen but heard at the beginning and end sections, and visible during the narrative and introductions to each miracle. Choral Part is generally written unison throughout; its size and gender is left to the discretion of the director. This Part might conceivably be sung by One Singer, provided the voice is sufficiently amplified.

Recommended classification for One Solo Singer (Chorus) = SUPPORTING.