Schedule C

Visitation, The

Gunther Schuller
Original Language:
Gunther Schuller
Opera in Three Acts

based on Franz Kafka’s novel Der Prozess

mid-20th Century
The American South
Role Voice Part Classification
Carter Jones Baritone L
Preacher Speaking F
Presiding Officer Baritone F
Mrs. Claiborne Soprano F
Teena Mezzo-Soprano F
Uncle Albert Bass F
Pulisi Tenor F
Bill Baritone S
Frank Bass S
Joe Tenor S
Landlady Mezzo-Soprano S
First Man Bass S
Chuck Tenor S
Mr. Claiborne Tenor S
First Policeman Sprechstimme S
Held Baritone S
Patterson Tenor S
Deacon Bass S
Inspector Bass-Baritone B
Mattie Tenor B
Second Man Bass-Baritone B
First Companion Speaking B
Second Companion Speaking B
Mill Hand Speaking CB
A Man Speaking CB

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Another Man Speaking CB
Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

Also includes Solo Alto, Tenor, Bass – Chorus Bits.

Majority of the work is on prepared tape. If company makes the tape, and if the tape is pre-made, then Minimum Chorus: 20