Schedule C

Vögel, Die

Walter Braunfels
Original Language:
Walter Braunfels
Lyric-Fantasy play in Two Acts

Based on Aristophanes

The Realm of the Birds
Role Voice Part Classification
Nachtigal Soprano L
Hoffegut Tenor L
Ratefreund Bass L
Wiedhopf Baritone L
Prometheus Baritone F
Zaunschüpfer Soprano F
1. Drossel Mezzo-Soprano S
Adler Baritone S
1. Schwalbe Soprano B
2. Schwalbe Soprano B
3. Schwalbe Soprano B
2. Drossel Soprano B
Rabe Baritone B
Zeus Baritone B
(can be combined with Adler)
Flamingo Tenor B
1. Meise Soprano CB
2. Meise Soprano CB
1. Wendenhals Tenor CB
2. Wendenhals Tenor CB
3. Wendenhals Tenor CB
4. Wendenhals Tenor CB
1. Taube Alto CB
2. Taube Alto CB
3. Taube Alto CB

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'Vögel, Die' (Walter Braunfels) Schedule C Listing Continued Below...

4. Taube Alto CB
1. Kibitz Bass CB
2. Kibitz Bass CB
1. Kuckuck Bass CB
2. Kuckuck Bass CB
3. Kuckuck Bass CB
Minimum Chorus:  48
Divisi:  SATB