Schedule C

Wake World, The

David Hertzberg
Original Language:
David Hertzberg
Opera in One Act

Inspired by the 1907 story by Aleister Crowley

A time of dreams
Places of dreams
Role Voice Part Classification
Lola Soprano L
Fairy Prince Mezzo Soprano L
Roles taken from the Chorus:*
Parthenope Soprano S
Ligeia Soprano S
Leucosia Mezzo Soprano S
Luna/Hecate** Soprano B
Morbus Tenor B
Pestilitas Baritone B
Giant/Bone Man/Man in the Azure Coat/Man of the Blue House** Bass-Baritone B
[See also Minimum Chorus, below]
* These roles are intended to be performed by members of the 16-voice Chorus, and these classifications are in addition to the Solo Bit classification for each as Chorister.
** These roles are combined, as indicated in the score.
Minimum Chorus:  16 Solo Bit*** OR 32
Divisi:  SATB
Chorus Notes:  

*** The Chorus divides into 16 separate lines at times, and each of the 16 is classified as a Solo Bit.