About AGMA

Dan Roberge, Business Representative, Professional Bio

Dan Roberge (he/him/his) joined AGMA as a Business Representative in 2023. A multifaceted arts and entertainment leader, he has held various titles across both art forms, including artistic advisor, rehearsal director, choreographer, producer, and consultant, and was a former leading dancer with The Washington Ballet under the direction of Julie Kent.

While at The Washington Ballet, Dan was an AGMA union delegate and assumed leadership roles in other facets of creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and successful major American ballet company.

Dan was most recently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago and a film and TV producing apprentice under the mentorship of Academy Award winner Peter Spears, Pulitzer-prize nominated Robbie Baitz, and former United Talent Agency partner Brian Swardstrom.

Dan Roberge holds a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University with a focus on leadership and business communications for creative enterprises.