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Auditions for available “core” or “auxiliary” positions are held annually after the conclusion of our performance season – usually in late May or Early June. Classically trained singers should inquire by e-mail at

Applicants must include a resume and head shot in order to be considered. Applicants will be screened and those selected should prepare an operatic aria or art song in a language other than English. Italian, German, French or Russian are highly encouraged. Choristers may also offer an additional piece in English if they feel it shows their voice to better advantage. Choristers may be required to perform a rhythmic exercise, as well as sight-read, at the audition. A professional pianist will play for your audition.


If you are interested in becoming a supernumerary with The Dallas Opera, please visit our supernumerary signup form here, or read more information here.


If you are interested in becoming a lightwalker with the Dallas Opera, please use the supernumerary signup form.

Dancers and Actors

To find out about current and upcoming opportunities, please e-mail

Solo Artists

The Dallas Opera offers auditions for principal, supporting, and comprimario roles to professional singers on an invitation-only basis. Agents and/or Managers should contact


*Visit for more information.*