San Francisco Opera – 2023-2024 – Dance Master

September 22, 2022
October 16, 2022

San Francisco Opera
Job Announcement - Dance Master 
Full-Time / Seasonal
AGMA (Union) Position
Salary: $2,698.14/week plus applicable benefits
Type of Employment: W-2

San Francisco Opera is hiring a Dance Master for the upcoming contract year. The Dance Master is a critical member of the Production Staff, working respectfully and collaboratively in a high-paced, international-level repertory house. In addition to working with stage performers (including dancers, choristers and principal artists), the Dance Master works closely with the Opera’s Production, Artistic, and Music Operations departments to ensure the highest artistic and professional standards and to facilitate a supportive and inclusive environment for company members. This position is covered by SFO’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), which describes the duties of the Dance Master, in part, as follows.

  • Dance Master is a Production Staff member engaged to fulfill duties which include but are not limited to the following: assist with the auditions and selection of Dancers; coordinate rehearsal scheduling; assist in rehearsals, know the choreography and movement [including taking detailed notation] and help to execute it in the safest possible manner. In the case of an emergency Dance Master may replace a performer or adjust the movement as necessary.
  • Dance Master may assist Choreographer or Director in the interpretation of their choreographic vision. If requested, Dance Master will assist with stylistic movement for any production during the term of Dance Master’s contract.
  • Dance Master also performs the function of Dance Captain or oversees Dance Captain.

Additionally, the Dance Master will give Barre & Centre Class or Dance Warm-ups as necessitated by the dancer schedule.

To apply, please submit your resume and 3 professional references to Darin Burnett, Production Stage Manager (

Applicants are encouraged to apply at the earliest opportunity, but no later than October 16, 2022, for serious consideration.

San Francisco Opera is an Equal Opportunity Employer