Member Benefits

AGMA protects its members. We negotiate contracts - called collective bargaining agreements - that provide guaranteed wages, safe working conditions, rehearsal and overtime pay, regulated work hours, vacation and sick pay, resolution of disputes and protection against discrimination and abuse in any form.

We enforce those contracts. We assure that our collective bargaining agreements provide for health insurance, pension coverage, and protection against unreasonable working conditions and unsafe work places, and we make sure that employers live up to their contractual obligations. We protect the legal, civil and artistic rights of our members, through an aggressive, litigious constant vigilance.

The strength of the Union is in its members; Your membership and participation directly impacts on the strength of AGMA’s bargaining power when it negotiates your contracts with your employer.

AGMA artists enjoy greater prestige, better performing conditions and a higher quality of life because of the American Guild of Musical Artists. That’s why we hope you will join us in the mission for which AGMA was first created: to protect performers and enhance the image of musical artists everywhere.