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Visa Consultation

Per AGMA's current policy, we will no longer be receiving any petitions or payments by mail. All Preparers should submit their full petitions ELECTRONICALLY - by sending PDF files to, and issuing payment via wire / ACH transfer using the instructions listed below. 


AGMA accepts payments by Wire / ACH Transfers only. Our wire transfer instructions can be found below.
Please note that processing will begin once both payment and related paperwork are received.

Information for wire / ACH transfer to AGMA from outside USA

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
A/c# 35255767
I/N/O: American Guild of Musical Artists, Inc.

Information for wire / ACH transfer to AGMA from within USA

Deutsche Bank trust Company Americas
I/N/O American Guild of Musical Artists, Inc.

Deutsche Bank address:

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
60 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
AGMA Charges:

$550.00 for EXPEDITED PROCESSING - process time approximately 2-3 business days from receipt of payment and complete documentation via email.

$350.00 for STANDARD PROCESSING - process time of approximately 5-7 business days from receipt of payment and completed documentation via email.

***Due to COVID-19, we can no longer guarantee 1-2 day processing for Expedited Service, although we will be sure to prioritize expedited petitions to the best of our ability.

***Ensure AGMA gets full amount - transfer charges/fees, if any, should be paid separately on your end.


After submitting your Wire / ACH Transfer, please send the following documentation to

1. Completed COVER SHEET, which includes the following information:
-- Name of Preparer
-- Name of Petitioner
-- Name of Beneficiary
-- Name of Person / Entity / Account Making the Payment
-- Name of Bank
-- Date Wire / ACH Transfer Was Sent
-- Expedited or Regular Processing

2. Copy of I-129 Application Form from Immigration and Naturalization, including Attachment 1 and list of artist(s) and function they perform in group.

3. Copy of contract and itinerary of artist(s).

4. Documentation to support the reputation and ability of the artist(s). Please limit this to no more than 20-30 pages.