AGMA Membership Survey: IDEA Policy

AGMA is developing a union-wide Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Policy. A survey regarding the policy was emailed to AGMA members in good standing on October 26 around 5:00 p.m. ET. Responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. We hope members take a few moments and help shape this policy by completing the survey by November 7, 5:00 p.mET.

This Policy is currently being drafted with deliberation, patience, and care; but it must be informed by both the lived experience of AGMA members and the institutional experience of AGMA as a labor union working to redress inequalities in the workplace.

This Policy will set forth actions, procedures, and goals for how AGMA serves and represents our members in the workplace, operates as a governing body, and functions as an employer.

While the survey sections focus on the lived experiences of members working at AGMA signatories, we also ask for thoughts on all aspects of the forthcoming Policy. Survey submissions will help guide discussions as we continue to develop this policy and will ultimately help inform the final policy submitted for consideration and approval to the Board of Governors. Our goal is to have a policy adopted by the AGMA Board of Governors in late December. 

Why we need to hear from AGMA members:

As a labor union, AGMA acts as a collective, but is made up of thousands of individual members with unique lived experiences, born of their own intersecting and overlapping identities. AGMA must recognize and embrace the diverse makeup of its union and act to ensure that all AGMA members are supported, protected, and uplifted by their union.

This Policy builds on the work that has already been achieved by AGMA members and looks ahead to the work that is still to be done. It relies on scholarship, tangible work by unions and worker organizations, and the efforts of AGMA members at every level of the Union.