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Affiliated with the AFL-CIO; Branch of Associated Actors and Artistes of America

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We are the labor organization that represents the men and women who create America’s operatic, choral and dance heritage.

Performing artists live to perform. But their talents, their skill and the beauty they create won't necessarily pay the rent, put food on the table or guarantee the necessities of life. Without
forceful advocacy and defense of their rights, artists may be vulnerable to exploitation or illegal discrimination. They need protection. They can find it by joining AGMA, the American Guild of
Musical Artists.

To:          AGMA Members
From:      Alan Gordon, Executive Director

In March, when we received contract proposals from the Met–proposals that
would have cut salaries by 20-25%, cut pensions by 35-45%, made medical
care unaffordable and ruined the livelihoods of our members, as well as having
a long-term, negative, spill-over effect on all opera contracts for years to come,
we characterized the Met’s proposals as constituting a declaration of war against AGMA.

Twenty-one of your co-workers volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way and fight that war on behalf of you, and all opera singers.

Thousands of people went to work today at the Met and at opera houses around the nation due, in large part, to their efforts in establishing the principle that singers, dancers and production personnel will not pay the price for managerial excess, extravagance and waste. Their battle on your behalf likewise made it clear that our members are willing to invest in the fiscal stability of their employers’ so long as there remains an equality of sacrifice and a viable, continuing measure of oversight.

The members of the Negotiating Committee who gave their time, emotional energy and determination to protect our contracts are:

David Frye – Chairman

Richard Bernstein
Jean Braham
Nathan Carlisle
Rebecca Carvin
Gary Dietrich
Scott Dispensa
Karen Dixon
Eric Einhorn
Ed Harrison
Mathew Kernisky
Jonathon Loy
Margo Maier
Morgan McEwan
Christine McMillan
Craig Montgomery
Belinda Oswald
Scott Scully
Daniel Smith
Knighten Smith
Sarah Weber Gallo






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