Union Musicians Stand in Solidarity with the Dancers of Miami City Ballet

Published April 18, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The union of professional musicians in South Florida performing alongside Miami City Ballet dancers sent a letter to Miami City Ballet Management on April 18.

A copy of the letter from the South Florida Musicians Association, AFM Local 655, with the following note, was also sent directly to dancers. AGMA is sharing with permission.

To the Miami City Ballet Dancers: Please know that you are not alone! The South Florida Musicians Association, Local 655 AFM, stands in solidarity with you and is ready to offer any support you may need as you continue to fight for your union. We have sent the following letter to management.

In Solidarity,

Members of the Miami City Ballet Orchestra and South Florida Musicians Association, AFM Local 655


Dear Miami City Ballet Management,

We're the orchestra musicians performing alongside your dancers, and proud members of the South Florida Musicians Association, Local 655 AFM. We fully support the organizing dancers at Miami City Ballet as they work to form a union with the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA).

As fellow union members, we understand the importance of collective bargaining power and the protection it provides to artists in the performing arts. The dancers’ decision to organize is a courageous step toward fair treatment, better working conditions, and a stronger voice in shaping the future of Miami City Ballet.

It is deeply concerning to us that Miami City Ballet management is engaging in union-busting tactics, including purposefully delaying their union election. Union busting undermines the rights of these dancers and it needs to stop now.

We demand that Miami City Ballet management immediately cease any actions aimed at obstructing the dancers’ rights to organize. Union busting is a drain on many resources. Every artist deserves to work in an environment that respects their rights and values their contributions. Similarly, every supporter should have transparency regarding how their donations or ticket sales are allocated. Let the dancers vote!