Myth Busting: “The Union Will Bankrupt Our Company!”

Published April 24, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

A common tactic used in union-busting campaigns, including at Miami City Ballet. Let’s debunk the myth that unionizing will bankrupt a company and highlight the reality of the situation.

Versions of “The Union Will Bankrupt our Company!” Include:

"If you unionize, we will have to cut the number of Artists."

"Unionizing means we can't perform our favorite repertoire."

"The Company will have to close its doors if you unionize."

“If the Dancers unionize, we won’t be able to perform to live music anymore.”

Reality Check: None of This is True

There are no automatic costs to a company when their Artists form a union.  Any wage increases or other economic benefits for the Artists are the result of good faith bargaining between the company and the Artists. The goal of this collective bargaining process is to produce an enforceable union contract that ensures the company’s financial future while at the same time providing their Artists with a decent living standard and a safe and supportive workplace.

Reality Check: Companies Spend Money on Union-Busting Consultants & Attorneys

But here is a sad truth.  Rather than sitting down and working in real partnership with their Artists, many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers and consultants to bombard their Artists with lies about what joining together in union will actually mean, and to try to prevent their Artists from even being able to vote on whether they want a union. This money could be spent on wage and benefit improvements for their Artists rather than lining the pockets of expensive anti-union consultants.

Educate and Empower

AGMA will continue to educate on all facets of union busting. Don't be misled by nonsensical claims of bankruptcy or built-in costs of Artists unionizing! These claims are part of the union-busting playbook and are antithetical to the goals of organizing Artists. Stay informed and empowered.