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Central City Opera’s latest statement is nothing more than a transparent attempt to distract from their own misconduct. The accusations bulleted in their statement are completely without merit. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for a direct response to the issues raised in our letter to CCO’s Board. CCO published their statement minutes after canceling a bargaining session with the Union, which was scheduled for today, December 15. CCO’s reason for canceling was that they were too busy working on their non-union show that opened this past weekend. We’ve already filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) earlier this week about this non-union production (though we didn’t feel the need to publish that we took this action publicly). ... Read More -->

AGMA Unveils “Solidarity Frames” in Support of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir

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AGMA has created custom “solidarity frames” to garner support around the singers of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir! We are sharing this simple and powerful tool today and encourage AGMA artists and friends to download and use the frame over the course of the next few days. Whether in your social media feeds or on your stories, let’s stand in solidarity with these artists, and tell the Philadelphia Orchestra Association to respect their singers and recognize their union! To get started, click the link for the template you’d like to use, then insert your own photo into the frame! SQUARE GRAPHICS (for INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK FEED) HORIZONTAL GRAPHICS (for TWITTER/FACEBOOK FEED) STORY GRAPHICS (for INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK... Read More -->

SEND A LETTER: Tell Philadelphia Orchestra Association to Respect Their Singers

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On December 5, AGMA announced that the singers of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir have taken steps to unionize with AGMA. The Philadelphia Orchestra Association was given until December 12 to respect their artists’ wishes and voluntarily recognize their union. That deadline has passed. In response, the artists, with the support of AGMA, have launched an Action Network letter-writing campaign. Supporters can access the pre-drafted letter via this link. Please take two minutes and support the singers of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir! Supporters can send it as is or personalize it any way they’d like. However, supporters MUST enter their own personalized subject line, to avoid it being sent to spam. The letter will automa... Read More -->

AGMA Stands in Solidarity with Starbucks Workers United

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On the first anniversary of the union election in Buffalo, New York, that started this campaign, Starbucks Workers United is inviting labor and community allies to stand with baristas. AGMA proudly stands in solidarity with Starbucks Workers United! Today, labor and community groups will join Starbucks workers in 10 cities to tell Howard Schultz and the board of directors of Starbucks to stop bullying baristas and bargain for a fair contract. We back the baristas in their fight for better staffing, pay and harassment protections. Like Central City Opera, Starbucks has retained notorious union-busting law firm Littler Mendelson P.C. 10 Core Rally Cities for December 9: Arlington, Virginia⁠—Bozman Government Center, 5 p.m.At... Read More -->

DPE to Congress: Restore Tax Fairness for our Industry’s Workers

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AGMA and sibling unions affiliated with the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO (DPE) urge Congress: Let artists deduct necessary work expenses from their taxes. We advocate for the passing of the bipartisan Performing Artist Tax Parity Act (PATPA), S. 2872/H.R. 4750.  Read the full press release here: ... Read More -->

AGMA Relief Fund Announces Annual Holiday Drive

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The AGMA Relief Fund has announced countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo as Chair of this year’s AGMA Relief Fund Holiday Drive. You can read his personal message to friends, colleagues, and supporters of the Arts below or by visiting the AGMA Relief Fund website. Thank you, Anthony, for being a steadfast advocate of the AGMA Relief Fund. ... Read More -->

What’s Been Happening at Central City Opera?

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AGMA publishes letter that was sent to the CCO Board of Directors that went unanswered. For anyone reading this who may not be aware, AGMA represents the singers (including apprentices), dancers, stage managers, stage directors, and other artists at Central City Opera (CCO). CCO was a founding company of AGMA; our institutions have worked together since the 1940s. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between AGMA and CCO expired in August 2022, and we are in the midst of negotiating a new CBA. At the moment, though, our path forward in negotiations is questionable due to the recent actions of CCO, under the current leadership of Pamela A. Pantos. To say it’s been a contentious experience would be an understatement. Several... Read More -->

2023 AGMA Basic Annual Dues Deadline Approaching

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AGMA members may now submit their 2023 basic annual dues. Invoices were sent on or around November 18. To remain an AGMA member in good standing, and avoid future reinstatement fees, please submit your dues! This upcoming year is also an ELECTION YEAR for AGMA! In May 2023, AGMA members will elect National Officers and Governors to represent them on AGMA’s Board of Governors. In order to participate at all levels of the Union, members must retain good standing status (up to date on all payments/installment plans). This means in order to vote, nominate, or run as a candidate in union elections, engage in negotiations, vote on contracts, attend caucus or committee meetings, receive many email updates, and access MyAGMA, members must rem... Read More -->

Singers of Philadelphia Symphonic Choir Take Steps to Unionize

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12/5/2022 – Union organizing among artists continues into the month of December, as the singers of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir have signed cards to form a union and join the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA). “It is becoming more and more apparent to performing artists that standing together and speaking with one voice is the way to ensure safe, equitable, and viable careers in their industries,” said Griff Braun, AGMA’s National Organizing Director. “AGMA supports the singers of the Philadelphia Symphonic Choir as they seek to unionize. We applaud their display of solidarity with one another and the larger labor movement.” Since its formation six years ago as the resident choral ensemble of the Philadelph... Read More -->

AGMA’s November Newsletter

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AGMA's November 2022 Newsletter was emailed to members in good standing on November 30. (Be sure to check your spam/promotions/other folders!) This month's newsletter included an important dues reminder, exciting organizing updates, some amazing contract highlights from recent ratifications, mental health resources, audition and job opportunities, a reminder to complete DANCE/NYC’s Industry Census, updates from AGMA caucuses, and a recap of the November Board Governors Meeting! As a reminder, members can review ALL of AGMA’s past monthly newsletters by visiting the Newsletter Archive on the website (MyAGMA login required). ... Read More -->