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Independence Day

Published July 3, 2018   |  By musicalartists  |  Post in All Areas

In observance of Independence Day, AGMA offices will close at 4:00pm on Tuesday, July 3rd and reopen on Thursday, July 5th. Enjoy the holiday and be safe!... Read More -->

Janus v. AFSCME

Published June 28, 2018   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

A statement from AGMA President James Odom on the Supreme Court Ruling: The recent decision from the Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME delivers a crippling blow to members of public-sector unions. It allows workers to enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining, contract enforcement, and union representation without taking responsibility for the funding of those activities. The flawed reasoning of forced participation in political activities, with which individual workers might disagree, is not compelling when the CWA v. Beck decision clearly exempts workers from paying any portion of dues levied by the union that are not directly related to core representational activities, such as contract negotiation and enforcement. Without t... Read More -->

Barbara Hillman

Published June 8, 2018   |  By musicalartists  |  Post in All Areas

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of former Chicago/Midwest Counsel Barbara Hillman on the evening of June 5.  Barbara represented AGMA Artists not just in the Midwest, but across the country for more than twenty years. In addition to significantly increasing AGMA’s strength at the bargaining table and negotiating contracts that increased the workplace protections afforded AGMA members, she also mentored many in AGMA’s elected leadership as they worked on union reform during the 1990s.  Her involvement with and concern for AGMA members in the Chicago area continued after her retirement and to the end of her life. Barbara came from a union family.  Her great-uncle, Sidney Hillman, was a founder of the Congress of... Read More -->

AGMA and Ailey Reach Agreement

Published June 5, 2018   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

Minutes before expiration of their contract at midnight last Thursday, the Artists of Ailey reached a new four-year (plus one month) tentative agreement with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.  The 34 Artists (dancers and stage managers) are represented by AGMA. The new agreement provides for substantial increases in wages, benefits and other terms.  The tentative deal is subject to ratification by AGMA’s Board of Governors. During the negotiations, the Artists of Ailey sought parity with other similarly-budgeted dance companies and industry standards.  The tentative agreement substantially increases pay scales for a majority of dancers in the first year along with other improvements in various areas of the contract. “This... Read More -->

Artists of Ailey Rally for a Fair Contract

Published May 25, 2018   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

The Artists of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater held a lively rally yesterday on steps of the famed dance studios to demand a fair contract including industry standard wages and benefits. [caption id="attachment_4783" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] Dancers and stage managers of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater rallied yesterday in their fight for a fair contract[/caption] Bursting from the studios during their lunch hour, the Artists chanted that they were “reaching for the standard” (meaning prevailing wages paid by comparable dance companies).  The Artists were joined by supporting AGMA members, affiliated unions, and Ailey supporters. Special guest speakers included NYS Senator Brad Hoylman and NYS Assemblywoman Li... Read More -->

Come out and support the Artists of Ailey!

Published May 23, 2018   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

Please come out tomorrow and support the dancers and stage managers of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in their fight for a fair contract! What: AGMA Union Rally When: Thursday, May 24th, from 3-4pm Where: 405 W. 55th St. (55th St. / 9th Ave.) Why: The AGMA represented dancers and stage managers of Alvin Ailey deserve a fair contract, with pay and benefits that meet industry standards! Joining us will be representatives from the NYC Central Labor Council, IATSE, the New York Professional Nurses Union, and others. We hope to see you tomorrow afternoon as we demonstrate union solidarity and stand behind our fellow members at Alvin Ailey in their struggle! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please show your support for the A... Read More -->

AGMA and Metropolitan Opera Begin Negotiations

Published April 23, 2018   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) and the Metropolitan Opera have begun negotiations for a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement; The current agreement expires on July 31, 2018. AGMA is coordinating bargaining with Local 802, American Federations of Musicians. AGMA represents Soloists, Choristers, Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Stage Directors, Assistant Stage Directors, Dancers, Choreographers, and Staff Performers. Local 802 represents the Orchestra, Associate Musicians and the Music Staff at the Metropolitan Opera.... Read More -->

New AGMA Logo

Published February 14, 2018   |  By musicalartists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA Has a New Look! A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating this new design with you, the members, in mind.  While beloved, the AGMA Lady is not as clear or recognizable as we would like AGMA to be.  After much discussion, it became more and more obvious that AGMA needed a logo that is clear, clean, easily read, while being current and up-to-date.  AGMA deserves a logo that says, “these are the dancers, singers and opera people.” Our goal was to create a refreshed, updated, and clearly recognizable identity that reflects the values and traditions of AGMA.  The design firm we engaged heard us and delivered a look that shows AGMA as unified, inclusive, strong, organized, professional and trusted. The new lo... Read More -->