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Notice About Illegal Videotaping

Published June 20, 2015   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

Some agents are illegally, and without any authorization from employers, videotaping performances of their clients’ singing and dancing, and then releasing those clips on YouTube and other internet sites. Making such recordings and releasing such performances is illegal and, if the performances were recorded while those artists performed in an AGMA house, is also violative of the AGMA collective bargaining agreements with those employers and is a tortious interference with those contracts. We have advised YouTube accordingly so that it may delete any such clips. We are advising all of our signatory employers of this problem and that, to comply with our contracts, they must confiscate the unauthorized video camera and eject the photo... Read More -->

AGMA Establishes a System For Members to Report Conduct That Creates a Hostile Work Environment

Published May 20, 2015   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

We’ve established a private email address; any member may report any allegation of discrimination, abuse or harassment. Members MUST include their names, which we will not disclose to anyone. While some members may be troubled that such complaints are not wholly anonymous, we need to be certain that reports are made only by members. AGMA will keep each member’s name confidential to the fullest extent of the law. In making a report, the member should obviously report the identity of the employer; the name of the person doing the inappropriate act; the nature of the abuse, harassment or discrimination; the employment position of that person (composer, coach, etc.); their work relationship to the person making the report (unless it... Read More -->

Board of Governors Enacts Code of Professional Standards For Agents And Managers Representing AGMA Members

Published December 15, 2004   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

At its meeting of December 15th, 2004 AGMA’s Board of Governors adopted a Code of Professional Standards for agents and managers representing its members. Responding to complaints about inappropriate and unethical conduct, the Board enacted the Code as a guide for the membership in negotiating agreements with their agents and managers. The Code seeks to prohibit specific aspects of conduct that is not acceptable. Although acceptance of this Code by agents is voluntary, Alan Gordon, AGMA’s Executive Director, said: “We think that this can help our members by identifying things that our members should know is wrongful conduct. Although many agents are entirely ethical and really devote themselves to the interests of the artists they re... Read More -->

Guest Artist Agreement Now in Place

Published June 24, 2002   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA’s Board of Governors has approved a “Guest Artist Agreement” that any member in any category can use for work at non-AGMA employers. The Guest Artist Agreement can be used in either of two ways for any job you are offered. First, if your employer agrees, it can be used as a binding agreement between you and the employer, for whatever terms you can negotiate or agree upon. The form can be photocopied, and you or your agent can negotiate some or all of its suggested contractual provisions with any prospective employer. A link to the agreement appears above.  Use of this form should be acceptable to non-AGMA employers because it does not require an entire AGMA shop and includes only those terms to which your prospective employer i... Read More -->