A Statement from AGMA President James Odom

Published February 18, 2019   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

From AGMA President James Odom

Dear Colleagues,

The last twelve years have been the most fulfilling of my life.  Serving as AGMA’s President has been an honor beyond my ability to express.  It has been a true privilege to meet so many of you – some in person, some virtually – as I have participated in contract negotiations and attended area meetings and served with so many in the elected leadership.

However, all things come to an end.  At the regularly scheduled meeting of AGMA’s Board of Governors, I resigned my position of President of AGMA, effective March 1, 2019.  In accordance with the provisions within AGMA’s Constitution, First Vice President John Coleman will assume the office of President until the new President is elected in May.

I am pleased to announce that following the completion of my contractual obligations to Lyric Opera of Chicago, I will continue to serve AGMA’s members as the Midwest Business Representative.  I am looking forward to continuing my work for AGMA’s members in a different capacity.

Thank you for the support you have given me, not for just the last twelve years, but for the nearly forty years that I have been a member of AGMA’s elected leadership.

Fraternally yours,

James Odom