AGMA Artists of the Met Perform “Solidarity Forever”

Published September 8, 2020   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA is honored to share this performance of Solidarity Forever (AGMA 2020 Version) featuring AGMA members of  The Metropolitan Opera including Nathaniel Hunt, Ashley Emerson, Sarah Larsen, Christopher Job, and members of the Met Opera Chorus.

The Solidarity Forever score (found below) was written by Met AGMA Committee Chair Ned Hanlon (chorister), the Met’s Jeremy Little (chorister), and AGMA Eastern Counsel Sam Wheeler. They wrote this song earlier in the spring to encourage AGMA members to stay strong and stick together during the pandemic.

Special thanks to Met Opera Ballet, Met Opera Supers, Maria D'Amato, Rachel Schmiege, Sara Heaton, Lianne Coble-Dispensa, Scott Dispensa, Brandon Mayberry, Jeremy Little, Brian Anderson, Marco Jordao, Karen Dixon, Ned Hanlon, Anne Marie Nonnemacher, Seth Malkin, Belinda Oswald, Alexa Jarvis, David Lowen.