AGMA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Board of Governors Revision in Referendum

Published December 18, 2020   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

Dear AGMA Artists:

The results of AGMA’s Constitutional Referendum are in and AGMA is very pleased to announce that the Board of Governors Revision of the Constitution has been overwhelmingly approved by you, the AGMA membership. The vote was 1,380 for the Board of Governors Revision, 512 for the Petition Amendments, and 75 for neither. Additionally, the Petitioners’ proposal to increase dues by raising and then eliminating the dues cap, along with a temporary reduction in the initiation fee, was rejected 1,316 to 636.

With 1,981 total votes cast (some members did not vote on both questions), AGMA saw a record-breaking percentage of our membership take part in this referendum. Your voices were heard, and we celebrate this exciting moment in AGMA’s history. Thank you for being an active member of your union! The comprehensive overhaul of AGMA’s governing document is now in effect. We will have more information for you following the Board of Governors meeting on Monday, December 21, including important “next steps” and the updated Constitution and Bylaws. For now, the Board of Governors Revision can still be accessed via the Constitutional Referendum webpage.

The Board of Governors Revision makes AGMA stronger, more efficient, more inclusive, and more equal and just. It was written by AGMA members for all AGMA members and provides us with the foundation and the tools we need to create a more perfect Union. The Revision is a continuation of the progress AGMA has made in recent years – progress that has allowed AGMA to fight for our members during COVID-19. We will enter 2021 stronger and ready to take on the many challenges that lie ahead.

We all share a strong belief that coming together in union is necessary and that participation in the Union is vital. To all AGMA Artists: the referendum is over and we are still AGMA, one union, fighting together for all of our members and for the future of our industries. We must remain united. 

More Soon,
Ray Menard, AGMA President