AGMA Opera and Concert Choristers Caucus will Meet on September 20

Published September 7, 2021   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA Choristers in good standing are invited to attend the upcoming Opera and Concert Choristers Caucus (OCCC) meeting on Monday, September 20, at 6:00 p.m. ET. During this meeting, the OCCC will focus on the priorities, issues, and concerns of Concert Choristers and Choir members, including the following:

  • Job Security
  • Bullying and Favoritism
  • Balancing Multiple Jobs
  • Job Parity and Opportunities

Concert Choristers and Choir members in good standing with AGMA are encouraged to add their voice to this national discussion and should register intent to attend the September 20 meeting. The Zoom information will be sent closer to the meeting date.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about the meeting by emailing