AGMA Promotes Tracy Jones to Western Executive

Published February 3, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas
incredible members of this union over the past several years in my role as Western Business Representative,” said Tracy Jones.

Tracy Jones has been promoted to Western Executive, following the retirement of AGMA’s Western Counsel Hope Singer. This went into effect on February 1.

"I am honored to be taking this exciting next step in my career with AGMA. It has been a privilege to support the incredible members of this union over the past several years in my role as Western Business Representative,” said Tracy Jones. “As I transition into my new role as Western Executive, I look forward to advocating on behalf of all AGMA Artists and hope to amplify their voices as we continue to pursue better pay, benefits and healthy and safe work environments for all."

Jones joined AGMA as a member in 2013. For the eight seasons she performed with Colorado Ballet, she represented her fellow artists as a delegate and participated in several successful negotiations. She was also a member of AGMA’s Board of Governors and served on the Membership and Member Relations Committee (MMRC). It was through these experiences that she found a passion for advocating for artists in the workplace.

During her time as a dancer, Jones also continued her studies at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor relations where she obtained her certification in Labor studies in 2018.

In addition, she holds a professional license as a Notary Public in the state of Colorado and speaks both English and Spanish.

Jones began her work for AGMA as a consultant in 2019. She retired from the stage in March 2020 and joined the senior staff shortly thereafter as Western Business Representative.

As a business rep, she was responsible for infusing member engagement, participation, and education into all aspects of AGMA activities. As a highly visible member of AGMA’s professional staff, she welcomed new members into AGMA and worked side-by-side with a number of AGMA’s negotiators, including Hope Singer and Nora Heiber, in bargaining and enforcing contracts and in handling member issues and grievances.

She quickly became a key member of AGMA's team, providing excellent representation to AGMA Artists and working on major national initiatives including the AGMA/SDC Return to Stage and Performing Arts Playbook.

Originally from Cork Ireland, her love of the performing arts started early on in life. At the age of 11, she moved to London to begin her professional ballet training at the Royal Ballet School where she graduated with a Trinity Diploma in Dance. Upon graduating, she performed with the Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet in London, the Barcelona Ballet in Spain, and then as a soloist dancer with the Colorado Ballet.

In addition to her role as AGMA’s Western Business Representative, Jones is actively engaged in her local arts community through teaching and coaching the next generation of dancers. She also serves on the boards of two local non-profit organizations that promote dance in Colorado.

“AGMA is fortunate to have the knowledge, talent, and expertise of Tracy Jones with us. She knows firsthand what it is like to be a professional in the performing arts and has worked directly with Hope Singer for years. We are ecstatic to have her continue at AGMA as Western Executive,” said Sam Wheeler, the Union’s new National Executive Director.

AGMA congratulates Tracy Jones on her promotion to Western Executive!