AGMA Ratifies 1-Year Agreement with Santa Fe Opera

Published October 10, 2023   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new collective bargaining agreement between AGMA and Santa Fe Opera was approved by AGMA leadership, after being ratified by the shop.

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this 1-year agreement.



  • Wage and Per Diem increases ranging between 3.25%-5% across all Bargaining Unit members
  • Significant increases to the travel allowances for Artists
  • 30% increase to weekly lodging stipend for Apprentices Artists 
  • 3.25% increase to retirement contribution for all Bargaining Unit members
  • Santa Fe Opera will be permitted to stream at Opera in the Park for the 2024 season provided they no longer have the ability to stream operas on their website without bargaining with AGMA and compensating Artists

PRINCIPAL COVERS (now on AGMA Individual Artist Agreements): 

  • Definition of “Solo Singer” will be amended to “a singing artist engaged to perform or cover leading, featured, supporting and/or solo bit roles”
  • For each Rehearsal Week or for each Performance Week in which covering Artist does not end up performing the role, the covering Artist will be compensated a cover fee which will be no less than 50% of the applicable minimum weekly rate for the role covered in addition to the applicable per diem as set forth in the 2020-2023 CBA 
  • For each Performance Week in which the Artist does sing one or more performances, covering Artist will be compensated at no less than the role’s full applicable minimum rate for each week in addition to the cover fee

NEW POSITION: House Assistant Director:

  • Santa Fe Opera will engage a House Assistant Director for all weeks in a Season
  • The House Assistant Director may also be engaged as an Assistant Director for up to two (2) full productions in any season
  • The House Assistant Director may be required to assist Stage Management with the staging of covers and alternative casts that occur after the production’s Assistant  Director’s contract has been completed
  • In recognition of the additional work required of the House Assistant Director, when the House Assistant Director is contracted as an Assistant Director for two productions in any one season, for weeks in which they are acting as both the House Assistant Director and an Assistant Director they shall be compensated an additional 20% of the “weekly fee in lieu of Overtime”