AGMA Ratifies 3-Year Agreement with Musica Sacra

Published June 29, 2023   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new collective bargaining agreement between AGMA and Musica Sacra was approved by AGMA leadership, after being overwhelmingly ratified by the shop.

Thank you to the negotiating committee, and congratulations on this 3-year agreement!



  • Wage increases of 3% in Year 2 and 3% in Year 3 to performance fees and hourly rehearsal rates;
  • Increased media fees in Years 2 ($80) and 3 ($85)
  • Increased studio recording fees in Years 2 ($260) and 3 ($270)
  • Increase subcontracting rates in Years 2 (3%) and 3 (3%)
  • Increased radio broadcast fees ($160) in exchange for expanded radio broadcast rights
  • Modernized CBA throughout document to include use of electronic contracts, incorporation of Individual Artist Agreement, dues remittance by wire transfer, biweekly and direct deposit
  • Artists may use audio/visual clips of up to three minutes for personal websites or social media
  • Artists now have approval rights over use of their likenesses in media projects
  • Artist rest time will coincide with Orchestra breaks during rehearsals with Orchestra


  • Musica Sacra (MS) agreed to work with AGMA to implement policies, complaint procedures, training, and hiring practices that shift workplace culture, advance equity, and create safe workspaces for traditionally excluded or marginalized artists
  • MS will ensure that all Artists receive anti-racism and anti-harassment training on an annual basis and will provide copies of its policies and reporting procedures to each Artist
  • Pregnancy and gender identity/expression added to the list of characteristics protected from discrimination
  • Gender-neutral formal concert black attire for all concerts, removing attire requirements based on gender
  • Gender-neutral language throughout agreement