AGMA Ratifies 3-Year Contract with the Dallas Opera

Published September 12, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new bargaining agreement between AGMA and the Dallas Opera was approved by AGMA leadership, after being overwhelmingly ratified by the shop.

There have been multiple improvements and additions made in this new contract, particularly when it comes to compensation and benefits and DEI.

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this 3-year agreement!



  • Wage increases of 4%, 3%, 3%
  • Full Per Diem paid to Principal Artists upon arrival
  • New pay structure resulting in additional increases for Regular Choristers with 1-5 years of service
  • Increased Retirement Fund contributions
  • Increased Per Diem payments
  • Additional Leave time for Choristers, Actors, and Dancers
  • Additional Compensation for Actors and Dancers for lifting and body makeup
  • Additional protections for Solo Dancers
  • Increased media payments for all Artists
  • Added Fight Directors to the list of Artists covered by the Agreement


  • Additional Diversity Equity and Inclusion commitments:
    • TDO will provide copies of its DEI policy to all Artists
    • TDO will provide annual training to all Artists
    • TDO will provide union representation for Artists reporting violations
    • TDO will increase the locations where notices of auditions are posted
    • TDO will consider underrepresented Artists when making casting and employment decisions
    • Elimination of the use of racial stereotypes and the use of make-up to alter an Artist’s identity
    • Eliminated restrictions on engaging Artists from countries outside of the United States