AGMA Ratifies 4-Year Agreement with Houston Ballet

Published May 23, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new collective bargaining agreement between AGMA and Houston Ballet was ratified by AGMA leadership, after being overwhelmingly approved by the shop.

There have been multiple additions and improvements to the contract language, particularly when it comes to compensation; I.D.E.A. and anti-harassment provisions; and a number of other beneficial gains.

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this 4-year agreement!



  • Year 1: flat-rate increase of $50.03/week for each Artist
    • (Equivalent to between 2.75% and 8.5% varied by rank)
  • Year 2: 3% for all ranks
  • Year 3: 3.5% for all ranks
  • Year 4: 3.5% for all ranks
  • Significant increases (20%) to Artists as Choreographer compensation
  • Stage Managers/Assistant Stage Managers are now on AGMA contracts for 46 weeks/44 weeks. SM/ASM will also now receive seniority payments


  • Additional Anti-Harassment language including a commitment to training
  • General clean up throughout CBA including adding “they/them” to create a more gender-neutral contract
  • Employer encourages all employees to use the lavatory and dressing room that supports the gender to which they identify
  • DEI Side Letter with additional language added to costumes to address awareness and sensitivity to skin and hair color/type
  • Employer commits to periodic and ongoing I.D.E.A. education and welcomes feedback from all employees
  • Employer commits to supporting the I.D.E.A. committee and welcomes the participation of any employee


  • Additional Smoke and Fog protections
  • New language to support Artist request for leave on religious holidays during tech/performance weeks 
  • Advanced notice for Artists with 10+ years of seniority if they are receiving non-reengagement notification
  • New Exit Pay to apply to all Artists with 7+ years seniority who are leaving HB (instead of just those retiring from the field of classical ballet)
  • Two elected members to serve as non-voting members of the Houston Ballet Board

As a reminder, AGMA members have access to all contracts & agreements on the website. MyAGMA login required.