AGMA Ratifies FIRST Agreement with Ballet Idaho

Published September 11, 2023   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The FIRST collective bargaining agreement between AGMA and Ballet Idaho was approved by AGMA leadership, after being overwhelmingly ratified by the shop.

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this FIRST 3-year agreement!



  • Established minimum weekly compensation that increases each year
  • New: Seniority Pay of $10 per week per year.
  • Comprehensive Extended, Sick, Personal, Jury Duty, Bereavement, and Parental Leave
  • Secured current practice of Physical Maintenance Program and Comp Tickets/Vouchers
  • Added Extraordinary Risk Pay
  • Secured no work on standard national holidays including Juneteenth.
  • Secured adequate number of pointe shoes/ballet shoes for all artists to serve season needs.


  • Reverse Weingarten Rights
  • Gender-neutral CBA
  • Annual Anti-Discrimination, Unconscious Bias, and Anti-Harassment Training for all full-time employees tailored to BI and the ballet industry with input from AGMA
  • Recognition of the importance of a casting process free from explicit or implicit bias
  • Allow every artist to communicate pronouns and preferred dressing/restroom facility
  • Attention/sensitivity to skin and hair color and type
  • Addressed racial stereotyping by stipulating that no artist will be required to apply face/body paint that is associated with racial or cultural appropriation
  • Recruitment efforts shared with AGMA
  • Gender-neutral lavatories at studios
  • Redressing Injustice in the workplace
  • Commitment to investigate Short Term Disability and Retirement Plans
  • Modified Duty available for up to 9-months
  • Strong Maternity/Parental Leave Protections which include:
    • Artists remain on full salary with written consent of their physician
    • 30-days paid Maternity Leave in addition to Sick Leave
    • 10-days paid Parental Leave in addition to Sick Leave for non-birthing Artists
    • Extended Leave options.
    • Space provided for Artists to express milk or bring their child to feed


  • Standard Union Protections including Pay or Play, Recognition Clause, etc
  • Board Observers
  • Data Breach Protections
  • Re-engagement & Non-reengagement Deadlines with Protection that all Artists will be re-engaged for at least one additional season if new Artistic Director is hired
  • Force Majeure Protections including notifying AGMA in advance of invoking
  • Annual Shop Meeting / AGMA Orientations on paid time
  • Creation of Artist's Reserve Fund for Career Transitions
  • Clear discipline and dismissal protocols
  • Comprehensive Definitions Section


  • Limits on maximum number of Apprentices with 2-year limit and restrictions on use.
  • Trainees to augment the corps only and cannot be cast before AGMA Artists
  • Supplemental and Guest Artists may be hired after Employee Guarantee has been satisfied
  • Additional protections for Artists engaged as a Choreographer or Rehearsal Assistant
  • Comprehensive Artist Activity terms including media
  • Management Rights clause which confirms management's artistic prerogative


  • Standardization of
    • Five-day rehearsal week (M-F)
    • 30-hour Rehearsal week or 6-hours with two-Consecutive Free Days
    • Six-day performance week with maximum 36-hours/week and10-hour work span
    • Two-hour rest-break before performance call.
    • Minimum two-hour break between matinee and ½-hour call
    • 15-minute Undressing Time
    • 13 hours overnight
    • 5-10 min breaks
  • Each cast will receive at least one studio rehearsal
  • Rehearsals limited to pieces being performed during Performance Weeks